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LGBTQdatingsites.comWith the ever changing landscape of dating online, it can be a little intimidating. Sorting though those online dating profiles, often on unfamiliar dating platform, can seem like a whole new world. With more relationships starting online, it often seems like you’re always in new waters, which can be quite scary.As a community, we know that LGBTQ dating can also be very stressful, mostly due to the variables that accompany being in a society that doesn’t always allow people to be their true selves, which results in internalized stigma and a myriad of other problems, some unique to our community. So I’d like to welcome you to LGBTQdatingsites.com

Through my lived experiences, LGBTQ dating has many aspects that are both good and bad, but sometimes the sites we are part of do a wonderful job at finding out exactly what a person is looking for and have even led to productive life long relations. We surly need our own spaces to turn to when it comes to dating, or even finding the emotion support that is so desperately needed in the process of figuring out exact what it is that is necessary to self-actualization and personal growth, just as there are many sites for heterosexuals, there are many sites to cater to the LGBTQ Community!

Based on scientific data, we are going to have more difficulties than our heterosexual counterparts, primarily due to the sexual oppression our community has historically been subject to. Added to these factors are things that living a modern lifestyle accompany, such as working, careers, and even having families or children, all while trying to live your life to the max. With all these factors, that often seem to limit our prospects at dating, the task may seem unobtainable. This often leads us feeling lonely, even with such hectic lives, what is the point if at the end of the day you still have no one to share those intimate parts with, which may be your hopes, dreams, or just someone to be able to have company with when the loneliness gets a little unbearable.

When you find yourself on some of these mobile apps, which sometimes go as quickly as they appear, you may find they are full of people who don’t know what they are looking for, fake profiles, or trolls. But, while it is acceptable to have periods of self actualization, there is a trend of these folks leading other on, which can cause pain if it is not brought up in a clear, respectful manner. While many people use these kinds of platforms to “explore” their sexuality, it can be a bit confusing for people who are genuinely working towards achieving their goals of finding a relationship or finding a partner who is on the same level as they are.

Having experienced this first hand, I began to wonder and research if this was a common problem facing LGBTQ communities. The results I found from a survey and other research materials available online, I found that a majority of people were facing the same problems I have experience, dishonest, cheating, and getting the run around from folks who did not know they wanted out of a relationship; these are some of the motifs I and apparently the greater LGBTQ community has come to experience with most dating apps, which are easily available to download, even for member not on the LGBTQ spectrum. While there have actually been a group who have been very successful at online dating, but the difference between these folks and the group who did not have success is one major factor, those who e. What had happened differently for those who were successful with online dating can be summed up fairly easily, they did their research!

The group of people who are able to find what they were looking for, often times going from platform to platform, weeding out the dishonesty, the insecure, and those who were out there just trying to use them for their own selfish needs. While a large number of the dating community remembers the days when the easiest way to pick up a quality partner was in a bar, pub, or in person, technology has long changed that, with most relationships now coming from online dating sites.

Then I had an epiphany, what if I gathered as much research as possible for those in the community, something that would make LGBT dating much easier, mainly by weeding out those who weren’t on the same page or were not really competent in determining exactly what they wanted out of LGBTQ dating? Most of us want a relationship, one built on qualities that each partner share, so we looked into top LGBT dating sites to compile a list of the best possible dating sites, increasing your chances at finding what you are looking for and decreasing the time wasted picking through sites, often to ultimately find that you’ve only lost confidence in the possibility of having a successful relationship.

With this goal in mind, we have combed over a hundred dating platforms to give you the best possible chances at achieving your goals, from a long lasting relationship or something non-hetero-normal. Some of the sites we found, were previously unknown to a large portion of the LGBTQ community as viable sources of finding your next match. Our reviews are completely unbiased and completely LGBTQ minded. We have unique criteria when it comes to a community, our site and critiques take this into consideration.

Peace and LoveAlong side our comprehensive reviews of these dating sites, I also offer a blog related to some specific problems and some of my real lived experiences as being part of the LGBTQ Community myself. Through blogging, I have a goal of not only sharing my personal experiences, but also addressing subjects that have effected our community, from dating to personal health, I encourage you to read them and share them if you would like to help in educating others about the issues we are facing within our community.

So please enjoy, and consider using our guide for your next attempt at online LGBT dating or as a resource from all things related to the subject! I hope you also find our blog entertaining and enlightening, and remember to keep an open mind and open heart always Love and Peace.

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