AdultFriendFinder has been the gold standard of sexually charged dating sites for years. The site, which started off catering to those that were looking for some naughty exploits and hookups has evolved to cater to a userbase that numbers in the tens of millions, with members of all sexual orientations, interests and goals. When you log in to the site, you will be greeted with sexually graphic images which immediately cues you into the main goal of many users. They want casual and highly charged sex. They also want to explore, and the general feel of the site is one that open minded and accepting of all sexual orientations and interest. To put it simply, AdultFriendFinder is a LGBT dating site that caters to all of us and is ripe with opportunities to meet others in the LGBT community that share your same kinks, desires and even relationship goals.

AdultFriendFinder dating

Membership Costs and Features

Most LGBT+ dating sites offer a free membership to lure you in and let you peruse the scene before deciding on making a purchase. AdultFriendFinder is no different in this respect. You are automatically signed up for their free standard membership by just signing up with your email address and choosing a username. With the standard membership, you can look at snapshots of user profiles, but cannot access the complete profile unless you pay extra. You are also limited in messages that you can send and access to all the sites special features. The standard membership offers a great preview, but doesn’t provide much in terms of actually communicating with other members.

In addition to the free membership, AdultFriendFinder offers a paid “Gold” membership with exclusive features. The features that are included in the Gold membership are many of the same standard ones that you might find on other sites, such as the ability to view and respond to unlimited profiles, access to special features such as member videos and chat rooms. Gold members also have free access to special features that standard members must pay for, such as their Sex Academy.

Pricing for the Gold membership is as follows:

• Purchase 1 month for $40 USD, billed monthly
• Purchase 3 months for $27 USD a month, billed quarterly at $81
• Purchase 12 months at $20 USD a month, billed annually at $240

In addition to your Gold Membership subscription, you can add on extras for a fee.

• Standard Contacts: This feature allows standard members to view your profile and send you messages. Gold members with this feature are the only ones that standard members can initiate contact with. The cost of this feature is $20 USD for 1 month, or $36 USD for 3 months.

• Search Highlight: This feature adds color highlights to your profile and messages that you send so that you stand out among the rest. The cost of this feature is $9.95 USD for 1 month or $8.95/month with a 3-month subscription billed at $26.85.

• Password protected private chatrooms: You can purchase your own private chatroom and invite whoever you choose to join in on the conversation. The private chatrooms are protected with a password that you set up, so there is no risk of unwanted visitors. The cost of this feature is $9.95 for 1 month, $6.95/month with a 3-month subscription and $5.95/month with a 6-month subscription

• Add unlimited adult movie streaming for $2 USD/ 3 days, $12.95 USD/month with a 3-month subscription and $18.95 USD/month with a 1-month subscription

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process can be as easy or involved as you want it to be. To gain access to the LGBT site, all you need to do is enter some very basic information.

Once you are into the AdultFriendFinder, you will find plenty of opportunity to not only personalize your profile, but access features that really help you discover what type of person you are looking to meet. These features take extra time to fill out and explore, however the process is pleasant and in some cases even enlightening.

In a nutshell, you can sign up and be active on Adultfriendfinder in just a couple of minutes, or you can sit back with your favorite beverage and spend some time really immersing yourself in crafting a profile that highlights your uniqueness and what you are looking for in a partner.

Protect Your Privacy

This adult dating site has a pretty standard privacy policy which is easy to find and generally easy to understand. Given the more sensitive nature of the site, the administrators take care to protect your private information, however they do have some standard sharing policies that you should look over before agreeing. They also make a point of telling you that you should not readily share personal information for all the internet world to see. In today’s climate, this is important advice that always needs repeating.

Unique Features

of likes. This list contains well over 100 questions covering everything from your take on erogenous zones and what you are looking for in a sexual partner to non-sexual topics like life goals, dream jobs and how you deal with conflict. Answer what you want to give those interested in you a more thorough look into your personality.

• Kink list that lets you choose your level of interest and the role you play.

• Personality type questionnaire similar to those used in workplace environments.

• Sex Academy courses. AdultFriendFinder has its own sex academy where it offers 12 online video courses. Courses are free with the Gold membership or $4.95 USD each for standard members.

• Point system that can be redeemed for increased access to the site’s features, prizes or even cold hard cash.


There is an incredibly large user base that spans the entire world. For example, some regions of the United States boast membership numbers in the millions per state.

You can link your account to other FriendFinder network sites including, GayFriendFinder and OutPersonals, which are specifically catered to LGBT singles and dating.

The “Hot or Not” feature makes it easy to immediately add users to your hotlist without scrolling through endless profiles and is a great way to pass time when you only have a few minutes to browse.

You can choose the level of nudity that appears on your homepage.

They have regular photo contests, many of which support the LGBT community. For example, one of their most recent contests was titled “Love is Love” and featured both naughty and nice photos of LGBTQ members.

About a year ago, this site took a big step in challenging competitor sites to invite people to try their premium membership packages for free to build transparency and prove that they do not rely on bots to fill out their userbase. Unfortunately, not many other sites stepped up to the challenge, but AdultFriendFinder offered free Gold memberships regardless to show that their members are real people that you can connect with.


The large user base can be both a pro and a con. Large user bases can be overwhelming, and there is more of a chance that you will encounter trolls, cyberbullies and other unsavory characters based on sheer numbers alone. Also, just because the user base is huge, doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to find a large LGBT membership in your area, especially since AdultFriendFinder caters to all sexual interests, not just the LGBT community.

The standard membership is mostly for entertainment purposes and offers little in terms of actually connecting with someone.

If you are a standard member, you can pay to view individual profiles, which doesn’t seem like such a bad deal if you don’t want to commit to the Gold Membership, except that at $2.95 USD/individual profile view, the costs can quickly add up.

There are plenty of claims of fake profiles on this LGBT dating site, although the site itself has taken measure to try to assure its members that this is not the case. Still, reports of fake memberships seem to be highest in regard to female accounts.

My Verdict

While there are other sites out there that cater specifically to those of us in the LGBT dating community, there is something about this site that brings added elements to the experience. Yes, you do have to weed through all the straight and traditional relationship users, however the site is easy to navigate and narrowing down your search and preferences is easy.

A tour through the site will leave you wanting to explore more, so I suggest going ahead and taking the plunge with a Gold membership, even if it is only a 1-month subscription as you explore. Without the paid membership, your experience is likely to be lackluster and unsatisfying.

If you are looking to open your options for finding playmates and date night companions, this is an all-around solid choice for the LGBT community. You can come in, meet, play and bring home a t-shirt as a souvenir. Seriously, you can actually purchase and AdultFriendFinder t-shirt from the site. If you are one of the many lucky ones, you might even be able to add your own story to the collection of success stories that can be found at the bottom of the page. I love a great story that ends in love or lust, so why not take the chance that this site might be the place where your own story begins.