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  • A lot of single LGBT people
  • Verified profiles and photos
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  • Can’t send photos
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EZ-Gay Dating
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Safety Middle

Most people are bicurious at one point in their life, meaning they’re interested in having a platonic or sexual experience with a person of the same gender. That doesn’t necessarily make them gay, just curious.

If you consider yourself bicurious, bicurious online dating might be the perfect solution to break the ice and join the growing community of popular queer sites.

Bicurious dating sites come with plenty of advantages that perfectly suit bicurious singles. Moreover, the number of these sites is increasing every day, providing more choices to interested people all around the world.

We’ll say something more about online bicurious dating in this post, so don’t go anywhere!

Best Dating Sites for Bicurious

Advantages of online dating for bicurious

Bicurious friendly dating sites are rich in features that offer some of the best advantages for singles interested in bicurious dating. Although there are plenty of them, we’ve decided to mention some of the key features that make online bicurious dating so unique.

A large and diverse member base

All dating sites for bicurious people cater to a particular group of people, so many believe the member base isn’t that big or diverse. However, you’ll be surprised to learn the member structure of these sites is highly diverse, and it’s growing every day.

Gay, bi, trans, and queer singles are all more than welcome to join these sites. Because of such a member base, you’ll quickly meet people with similar interests.

Secure and private

Many bicurious people stay away from exploring this side of their personality because they’re afraid of the judgment coming from other people. If you’re uncomfortable exploring this part of yourself in public, international bicurious dating sites might be just what you need.

Keep your safety and security at the highest levels with the newest security systems these sites use.

Easy communication

The members of these sites are all open-minded and friendly people who are always looking to meet new people and create meaningful connections. That being said, you won’t have any difficulties finding members you can regularly chat with.

Easy communication and friendly members are something you can expect to encounter on bicurious platforms.

All relationship types

You don’t have to be ready for a serious commitment if you want to join bicurious dating sites for single individuals. Here, you can meet people interested in friendships, casual hookups, or long-term relationships. Choose whichever arrangement suits you best at a given time and change it whenever you feel like trying out something different.

two bicurious men lie on the bed

Top bicurious dating sites on the market

The LGBTQ+ community is rapidly evolving and growing in all parts of the world. Naturally, this influenced the development of bicurious platforms, which are becoming increasingly popular and widely used.

Even though you can browse from hundreds of similar websites nowadays, not all of them offer the same quality of online dating. That’s why we made sure only to include the best-performing websites in the bicurious niche:

  • Scruff;
  • Jack’d;
  • GayindFinder;
  • MenNation;
  • Gaydar.


Scruff is so much more than your typical dating site. This is a well-rounded platform that offers all kinds of features to its users. From social networking to traveling, Scruff can be by your side at all times.

Find out details about organized events by Scruff members and meet them in person when you travel and visit a new place. Creating new connections has never been more exciting.


Jack’d is a platform that excels at contemporary features and sophisticated design, making it one of the best online dating sites for bicurious singles. As home to one of the most diverse member bases worldwide, Jack’d ensures you’ll find plenty of like-minded people online.

From meeting locals to foreigners, there are no boundaries for online dating with Jack’d.


GayFndFinder has been one of the most popular bicurious websites ever since it was launched. Although the website has existed for a while now and its design is slightly outdated, GayFriendFinder remains one of the leading dating platforms on the market.

If you’re looking for a simple website with a mature member base, GayFriendFinder is the place to go with.


Are you looking for a steamy encounter or a way to spice up your relationship? MenNation is one of the top-performing bicurious dating sites for single men and male gay couples. Here, bicurious men can dive into exploring their sexuality with other MenNation members safely and privately.


The list of bicurious dating websites wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Gaydar as one of the top 5 platforms for bicurious dating. Gaydar offers its users many valuable features to quickly find someone special in their life.

Contemporary design, device compatibility, and open communication are the main reasons why so many bicurious singles join Gaydar every day.

Final thoughts

Bicuriosity is becoming more and more prevalent among the general public. Both younger and older generations are interested in exploring their sexuality and finding out what it’s like to create a romantic connection with someone of the same gender.

Thanks to numerous bicurious sites, now that’s easier than ever. Join the friendly communities today and learn more about yourself.

local dating sites for bicurious singles


Where can I find local dating sites for bicurious singles?

Many major cities have their local bicurious platforms. Nevertheless, it’s challenging to find a local site if you’re not from a major city. Fortunately, all international bicurious sites come with a location search filter which allows you to limit your search results in a few quick clicks.

Can I join LGBTQ+ websites if I’m only bicurious?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to join these platforms. The community is open and welcoming of all people, even when they’re still not sure whether LGBTQ+ dating is the right fit for them.

Are bicurious sites safe to use?

Dating platforms use sophisticated and advanced security systems to ensure their users remain safe as long as they’re using the website. So, the sites are without a doubt safe to use, as long as you remain cautious of your online actions.

What are the secrets of dating online?

There aren’t any secrets to successful online dating because every person is unique and searches for different things in a partner. As long as you remain true to yourself and open to communication, the right person will come sooner or later. Some dating sites offer dating tips and advice, so you might want to check them out.