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  • A lot of single LGBT people
  • Verified profiles and photos
  • The best matching algorithm
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 170 million
Payment type Free
Safety High
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  • A bunch of active LGBT users
  • Confirmed profiles
  • Fast and easy registration
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 30 thousand
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  • A decent amount of LGBT users
  • People from all over the world
  • Compatibility check
  • Plenty of paid features
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 400 thousand
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Safety High
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EZ-Gay Dating
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  • Some LGBT people
  • Users looking for causal and serious relationships
  • Simple and quick sign-up process
  • Some bots and fake accounts
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 400 thousand
Payment type Free
Safety Middle

Online dating for bisexual people is way different than it was, say, a decade ago. As a bisexual man or woman, you had to join a generic online dating platform and waste time sifting through tons of profiles of straight users.

Now, there are bisexual-friendly dating sites that welcome everyone and those that cater only to bisexuals. It’s a wonderful time to express yourself, experiment, and meet like-minded people in the online dating world.

But the sheer number of bisexual dating platforms can be overwhelming enough to make you give up online dating and get back to the traditional ways of getting dates. That’s why we’ve curated a list of bisexual dating websites that might suit your needs best.

Let’s see why you might want to join a bisexual dating site before exploring our top picks and drilling down into some of the most notable pros and cons of bisexual dating platforms.

Best Dating Sites for Bisexuals

Benefits of Using a Dating Site for Bisexual People

The obvious benefit of bisexual dating sites for single individuals is seizing an opportunity to meet people that are attracted to both men and women. Of course, you can meet them on generic sites, but you may not meet as many as you can on gender-specific websites.

Many queer dating sites cater to open-minded couples as well. If you’re in a polyamorous relationship, you can connect with bisexual singles or couples before you know it. If you’re single, you can also find a bisexual couple for a romantic or intimate relationship.

Numerous bisexual dating platforms are local dating sites that can help you meet compatible matches nearby. Unless you find a soulmate for whom you’d gladly travel across the world, local search functionalities are a no-brainer.

Of course, you can also use an international queer dating site that lets you specify a location to find local matches. Such websites can be pretty useful when traveling as well, especially if you visit a country that’s not very liberal. It’s a discreet way to explore the dating pool and find what you need.

6 Best Online Dating Sites for Bisexual Singles and Couples

More and more bisexual dating sites keep popping up, making your choice seem nearly impossible. After reviewing some of the most popular bisexual websites, we found that you can’t go wrong with the platforms below.

1. Bounce

Bounce Online Dating Sites for Bisexual

Bounce is a local dating app for setting up same-night or next-day dates. Without any swiping or texting, you simply check-in, set the date and time, select a match, and let the app pick a local spot for your date.

Bounce reviews all member profiles and suspends members who cancel dates or don’t show up.

2. BeCoquin

BeCoquin Online Dating Sites for Bisexual

BeCoquin (French for BeNaughty) is a French dating site for meeting local singles in your area. As the name suggests, it’s a dating site for casual encounters.

It welcomes straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles and features live chat, Flirtcasts, winks, and pre-composed custom messages. However, it doesn’t have ID verification.

3. BiCupid

BiCupid Online Dating Sites for Bisexual

BiCupid is a top bisexual dating site for bisexuals, bi-curious singles, and bi couples. Both LGBT and straight singles and couples can join and chat with potential matches to set up casual encounters or find like-minded people for a relationship.

This site has rigorous ID verification and highly values its users’ privacy.

4. BiPeopleMeet

BiPeopleMeet Online Dating Sites for Bisexual

Powered by BiCupid, BiPeopleMeet is another great dating platform that caters to bisexuals, bi-curious singles, and bi couples. You can use it to find dates with similar interests and preferences, whether for casual hookups, friendship, or a serious relationship.

This site has excellent security features, forums, blog posts on dating, and the Daily News and Advice sections for bisexual newbies.

5. Bisexual Playground

Bisexual Playground Online Dating Sites for Bisexual

Bisexual Playground is a popular dating website for adult bisexuals, bi couples, and bi-curious individuals. It welcomes all members of the LGBT community, and it’s best for local hookups.

This platform features online chat rooms, forums, IMs, email messages, contests, and more.

6. Bisexual Scene

Bisexual Scene Online Dating Sites for Bisexual

Unlike all the sites above, Bisexual Scene is entirely free, although there are some additional features for a paid membership. It’s a dating website for bisexual and bi-curious singles and couples that can help you meet locals for hookups and serious relationships.

Some of its most notable features include IMs, email messages, video chat, and member-sponsored events.

The Pros and Cons of Bisexual Online Dating Sites

Before you join any bisexual dating platforms, check out some of their benefits and drawbacks.


  • Meeting like-minded people – Whether you want to make meaningful connections for a long-term relationship or find local hookups, you don’t have to swipe through tons of straight-people profiles to find what you need.
  • Enjoying a safe and welcoming online environment – Unlike some generic dating sites, their bisexual counterparts are more inviting and let you express yourself freely.
  • Getting expert online dating tips and advice – Many bisexual dating platforms feature blogs, forums, and other resources that offer guidance for safe online dating and drill down into the secrets of dating a bisexual.


  • Experiencing biphobia – Unless you’re a monosexual gay or lesbian, you might encounter biphobic folks who might make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Unwanted attention from straight men (if you’re a bisexual woman) – Many straight men fetishize bisexual women, seeing their bisexuality as a green light for asking them to hook up.
  • Catfishing – Some men are so obsessed with hooking up with a bisexual woman that they create fake profiles to pose as women. That’s why video chats are a must before meeting up.


Dating sites for bisexuals can provide you with brilliant experiences, as long as you pick the right platform and follow the tried-and-true safety tips for online dating.

Whether you choose one of the websites above or any other app, explore its user base and features for free before subscribing to a paid membership. Don’t forget to check all the user reviews and ratings to ensure you pick a reliable and safe platform.


1. Are dating sites for bisexuals safe?

Bisexual dating sites are typically safe, but there’s always a chance you might encounter a fake profile. That’s why it’s vital to stay cautious when dating online, including keeping your personal information private and using video calls before meeting in real life.

2. Where can I meet bisexual singles?

There are dozens of bisexual dating platforms, like those above, where you can meet like-minded singles. There are even more generic dating sites that are LGBT-friendly, but gender-specific platforms are your best bet.

3. Can you find love on a bisexual dating website?

Absolutely! Although most of them cater to people looking for hookups, some can help you make meaningful connections for a committed relationship, while others are entirely relationship-oriented.

4. Can I meet bisexual couples on bisexual dating sites?

Of course! Many bisexual dating apps, like several in this review, are open to all bisexuals, including open-minded couples. Whether you’re single or in a polyamorous relationship, you can connect with bisexual couples for a one-night stand or a long-term intimate relationship.