( reviews)
  • A lot of single LGBT people
  • Verified profiles and photos
  • The best matching algorithm
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 170 million
Payment type Free
Safety High
easytalking logo
( reviews)
  • A bunch of active LGBT users
  • Confirmed profiles
  • Fast and easy registration
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 30 thousand
Payment type Free
Safety High
twitive logo
( reviews)
  • A decent amount of LGBT users
  • People from all over the world
  • Compatibility check
  • Plenty of paid features
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 400 thousand
Payment type Free
Safety High
easy gay dating logo
EZ-Gay Dating
( reviews)
  • Some LGBT people
  • Users looking for causal and serious relationships
  • Simple and quick sign-up process
  • Some bots and fake accounts
  • Can’t send photos
Popularity 400 thousand
Payment type Free
Safety Middle

The dating world can be harsh when you’re interested in same-sex relationships. It’s challenging to find someone who shares your passions and interests and wants the same things as you do. So, if you’re going to make a meaningful connection with someone, it’s usually best to do it online. Online dating for lesbians gives you the freedom to be who you are without fear of judgment or ridicule. 

You’ll get to meet people outside your social circle, expand your dating pool, and have fun getting to know diverse women around the world. 

However, if you’re to unlock the secrets of dating women online, you’ll need the right site that helps you make real connections. Unfortunately, not every dating site for lesbians is made the same, and some are much better than others. 

Take a look at our list of lesbian dating websites that deliver on their promises and introduce you to real women looking for the real thing. 

1. Lesbian Personals

Lesbian Personals Dating Site for Lesbian

Lesbian Personals is one of the most popular lesbian websites for casual flings and hookups. It has about 250,000 members in the US alone, with users across all age groups. 

Although it’s a lesbian dating site, you’ll occasionally encounter a male profile because couples who like to swing can easily join the platform.

  • Free access to IM
  • Active user base
  • Location and topic chat rooms
  • You can upload profile pictures and videos
  • Informative blog forum
  • Fake accounts
  • You need to pay to see full-sized photos and videos
  • No mobile app
  • Monthly maintenance fees for inactive profiles

2. Pink Cupid

Pink Cupid Dating Site for Lesbian

If you’re looking for an international lesbian dating site, Pink Cupid is the thing for you. It boasts almost a million members worldwide, connecting like-minded women with each other wherever they are. 

Since it has pretty detailed profiles, it can be great for finding compatible matches and starting committed relationships. However, the majority of the users are between 18 and 34, so you can expect to find many women interested in casual relationships, as well. 

  • Almost a million members worldwide
  • Built-in translator
  • Send messages for free
  • Member verification system
  • Pictures are visible to everyone for free
  • Many male members
  • No mobile app for iOS
  • Many pop-up ads 
  • Reading messages is a paid feature

3. We Are Her

We Are Her Dating Site for Lesbian

We Are Her, also known simply as Her, is a top transgender dating site with over a million members in the US alone. It’s more than one of those simple local dating sites – it’s a social network where you can meet like-minded individuals, start friendships, and become a part of a welcoming community. It will make the entire experience of lesbian online dating more enjoyable. 

  • All-female user base
  • Sign up in a click using Facebook or Instagram
  • Send friend requests for free
  • Local events notifications
  • Social network functionality
  • Matches based on age and location only
  • No manual search
  • The app is known to lag

4. Lesly Club

Lesly Club Dating Site for Lesbian

Lesly Club is a relative newcomer among the lesbian dating sites for singles, but it’s already making waves in the lesbian community. It boasts active members worldwide and allows you to meet potential matches with ease. The members are diverse, looking for all kinds of relationships, so you’ll find someone who suits your interests without a problem. 

  • Advanced member verification system
  • Thousands of members worldwide
  • No ads
  • Extensive search filters
  • Detailed profiles
  • Limited free functionality
  • The likes you get on your photos determine your ranking in the search results
  • Occasional fake accounts

5. Fem Mingle

Fem Mingle Dating Site for Lesbian

Fem Mingle is perhaps the best online dating site for lesbians. It has over a million downloads on Google Play and attracts members from across the globe. The app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to find matches and get in touch with various women. 

  • Over a million members
  • Profile photos and videos
  • Audio and video chat
  • Strict member verification;
  • Extensive search filters
  • Some male profiles
  • Fake accounts despite the verification system
  • Need to buy/ earn in-app coins to communicate with other members

Final thoughts 

  • Some male profiles; 
  • Fake accounts despite the verification system; 
  • Need to buy/ earn in-app coins to communicate with other members. 

Joining lesbian-friendly dating sites can completely transform your love life. You’ll find it easier to meet compatible partners, date, and just have fun. 

Test out a few different sites, see which ones check your boxes, and choose the best dating platform where women seeking women lesbian.


1. What is the best online dating site for lesbians? 

We’ve selected Lesbian Personals, Pink Cupid, We Are Her, Lesly Club, and Fem Mingle as our top choices due to their variety of features, reliability, and extensive user bases. However, the best lesbian dating site is the one that works for you. It’s in your best interest to test out a few different platforms, then decide the best one for yourself. 

2. What features to look for in a lesbian site? 

Some of the essential features to look for include a mobile app, detailed search filters, a reliable match-making algorithm, seamless internal messaging capability, anti-fraud screening, and a profile verification system. Of course, none of these features would matter much if a site had just a few users. So first, look into the membership numbers, then assess the features. When it comes to dating sites, more is always merrier. 

3. Can you find love on lesbian dating sites? 

Yes, it’s always possible to find love on lesbian dating sites – you just have to join the right platform. If you go for a website that emphasizes casual relationships, you won’t have much luck finding a serious partner. Look for a platform that focuses on serious relationships and offers detailed profiles and extensive compatibility tests.

4. Do I have to pay to use a lesbian dating site? 

You don’t always have to pay to use a lesbian dating site, but it’s usually in your best interest to do so. Free sites rarely have advanced features, and they’re commonly filled with fake profiles and scammers. Even free versions of premium sites will leave much to be desired. If you’re serious about online dating, paying a small fee for a premium subscription will often be well worth it. Many sites have subscriptions for just a few dollars a month, so they won’t eat away at your budget.