LGBT Are More Superior Lovers Than Heterosexual

LGBT Vs StraightSociety in the new era has been very accepting towards the LGBT community, though not fully. This acceptance has enabled people to be open about their real self to a myriad of opportunities. In multiple studies and research, the LGBT has been documented as being better lovers than their straight counterparts.  Love has been considered a free will and dependent on individual commitment. LGBT people tend to honor that commitment and love endless without boundaries. They possess various attributes that contribute towards why they are better lovers than straight individuals:

  1. Communication.

Psychologist highlights communication as the key component in enhancing love in relationships. Though straight people may state themselves as being better communicators with their partners, this is not always the case. Ladies, to be precise, are brought up to be good in communication. They express their emotions better than men, and respond are better at responding to conflict. Thus, ladies tend to be good communicators. When in a fight, lesbians keep their attitudes positive. They do not take little things personally. Combined with affection and humor, this goes a long way in achieving positive results when faced with a conflict. Besides being great at communicating with each other, LGBT is much friendlier during communication with other people. This puts them in a position where they can make new friends more effectively.

  1. Shared responsibility.

With the old belief that men should be considered sole breadwinners, this often causes conflicts amongst heterosexuals. With the current economic times, getting a well-paying job is not a walk in the park. Paying for mortgages, home contracts, education fees among other financial requirements may lead to financial complications when it comes to relying on a sole breadwinner. Though straight people may share responsibilities to curb this, there are inhibiting gender roles. There are no specific gender-roles such as this should be done by men, this by a woman, that should not be done by a man or a woman, LGBT considers each other equals. This allows them to share responsibilities effectively. Research has shown that women are on a lower pay-grade than men. This may cause a division when it comes to financial contributions in a straight relationship; one may feel being taxed more. However, being on the same pay-grade (lesbians/gay), would create a better understanding financially. Furthermore, the same pay-grade would allow LGBT partners to spend much more time with their partner when it comes to paid work or parenting responsibilities.

  1. Friendship.

Relationship experts advise friendship between partners as being crucial for a healthy love relationship. Many straight couples would indicate that friendship plays a vital role in their relationship. They may be friends but not the best of friends. Heterosexuals do not integrate their partners into their friend’s group, this is evident with most straight men who do not keep friendships with their exes. LGBT, on the other hand, view their partners as incredible people who would keep their friendship long after the relationship is over. Maintaining a friendship over the long term is because their partner was plucked from a friends group, integrating them into their world would not be much of a challenge.

  1. “Hard wired”

Lesbians and gays bond very well with each other due to their anatomy. For most heterosexuals, they do not fully understand their partner’s anatomy, and this may cause relationship complications; unhealthy sex, being one. LGBT have got the upper hand on this. They do understand their partner’s anatomy better. “Understanding themselves” gives them a better chance of understanding their partner. An understanding of the other party’s anatomy leads to better choices when it comes to words, greeting each other with gifts, and maintaining a constant vibrant communication. The amazing part is that they can have long meaningful conversations at a  deeper level. This enables them to share humorous experiences and values. With no gender expectations, it would only be great imaginations and love. Failure to understand your partner’s needs would, in the long run, end the relationship or damage it.

  1. Empathy.

Most societies do not accept LGBT as they are considered queer and out of place, and a while back they were considered disoriented. With this sense of insecurity, they do not have much support from friends, family, and colleagues, thus unlike their straight counterparts, LGBT stick with each other. Empathy is a great part of human nature, LGBT would always look out for each other, as they got no one else but themselves. This type of understanding builds a home within each other and brings a sense of acceptance to each other. This will ultimately go a long way in creating a love bond and cementing an existing one.

  1. Sex.

LGBT LoveA love affair would not be complete without sex in it. A healthy sexual relationship, as experts say, is useful in maintaining a healthy love relationship. Physiologically, when it comes to sex, men and women are different. Men tend to reach orgasm much quicker than women. In most heterosexual relationships, it is a challenge to give your partner the “perfect” sex. Having the perfect sex comes down to some issues such as understanding your partner’s anatomy and foreplay, it is not always penetration. In most situations, straight people would fake an orgasm to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings. This might in time lead to infidelity to achieve sexual satisfaction elsewhere. LGBT, on the other hand, understands each other’s sexual needs better than their straight friends. Their physiological similarities play a crucial role in achieving the “perfect” sexual experience. They do not fear to try new sexual adventures and do not hold back on their sexual needs. Oral sex for one is not treated as a special occasion. Further, landing accidental babies due to unprotected sex is not a priority in their heads. After all, when the time is right, and they feel like being parents, a test tube, surrogate or adoption can work its magic.

LGBT are better lovers than a straight person in that they possess top quality features for a healthy relationship which consist of communication, patience, friendship, and understanding. These are key factors that create and cement a crazy sexual adventure.


Transgender Disclosure

transgender rightsLately, the Transgender Community has been under even more scrutiny than usual about when it is appropriate for them to disclose their status as Trans. This latest spark in the interest of the Trans Community stems from a recent interview on the popular show The Breakfast Club, where a guest said that if he found out a woman he slept with was transgendered then, “she dying,” which is completely unacceptable, but not uncommon when it comes to the attitude of today’s society towards the transgendered community. Already Transwomen have higher rates of murder, domestic violence, suicide (50% of transpersons report having suicidal thoughts or have acted on them), discrimination in housing and employment; Transwomen also are more affected by HIV/AIDS.

Another case of the murder of a Transwoman involved a Pilipino Trans Woman and a US Marine, who claimed he was in such shock after finding out that his sexual partner was Transgendered. The list goes on and on sadly, the Transgender Community has faced discrimination and violence, most stemming back from Colonial Rule. In the United States and other parts of the world, Transgendered individuals were seen as a third gender, but with the colonialization of the world by European powers, native cultures were forced to adopt their newly conqueror’slaws and cultures.

So we decided to survey CisGendered and Transgendered individuals about what they thought constituted a situation in which disclosure was deemed necessary.

It was a general consensus, that Transgendered individuals should disclose their status with persons who they are seeking long term relationships. It is always a good way to start a relationship off on an honest note. When disclosing, it is advised to do so in a public place because of the risk of a violent encounter. Furthermore, advice from a Transwoman, be prepared for the worst, and by no means is this encouraging violence, but instead to have some form of self defense incase the situation goes south because you don’t want to be at the hands of an angry man without a way of defending yourself.

When we asked about LGBT hookups, specifically trans hook ups, the answers got fuzzy. If someone has already had Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), then their most common answer was that it wasn’t on the top of their list to disclose, mainly due to the fact that it was just an act of casual sex. The Cis-Gendered responses varied, but the most common answer was that the two parties involved in the consensual sexual act was up to them to verify their gender status if it was so important to the cis-gendered individual.

As for those who have not had Gender Reassignment Surgery, meaning they still retain their original sex organs, then the risk of a violent encounter increases if disclosure is not done in a proper way. Due to the fragility of masculinity, we advise you to disclose, especially if alcohol or other substances are in play, once again in a public space where help can easily step in incase the situation escalates.

On another note, we found that disclosure of someone’s Transgender status didn’t apply to the work place, 100% of people who were surveyed said that it was not an employers business to know such an intimate aspect of someone’s life; although one trans participants did mention that if your name has not been legally changed, then it may cause some confusion when applying for a new job.

A majority of those surveyed did say that disclosure of someone’s Transgendered status should be made to medical providers, due to certain diseases that are more common among men and women, similar to how some diseases and conditions affect certain ethnic groups. Other than this reason, there is no other reason to disclose, not to the police, not to your work, not to anyone, except those who you are seeking a long term relationship with, or for those who haven’t had Gender Reassignment Surgery in cases of hook ups as well, just as a safety precaution.

transgender loveWe would like to make it clear, that we believe Transwomen are women and they are deserving of equal rights. We hope this blog post has helped in clarifying some situations and brought more visibility towards the Trans Community in a positive light. We know that without the help of the Trans Community, the entire LGBTQ Community would not be able to experience the freedoms we have today because The Stonewall Riots, were in fact started by trans women of color. Rock on Trans People, We support you!

On a side note, it is time for those who do love, date, or engage in sexual encounters with Trans women and Trans men, to stop being shamed or ashamed of who they are involved with. These situations lead to the Trans individual to feel like a dirty little secret, increase the chances of domestic violence, and add to the stigma that the Transgender Community experiences. If you decide to engage in a relationship with a Transgender person, please do so in a respectful manor and remain honest with them and yourself, just as you would expect honesty from someone you’re engaging in an adult LGBTQ relationship with, show them the same honesty!

Just because you’re involved with a transgender person does not make you less of a man or even part of the LGBTQ Community itself, you just happen to date someone who belongs to the community. Being Trans is not the same as being a gay or lesbian, it simply means that they are transgender.


Finding Other LGBT Singles Who Want The Same Things That You Do

LGBT LoveIt used to be that certain aspects of dating were off limits such as LGBT dating. Times have changed and in a really great way. If you are somebody who falls within this category and you want a same sex or mutual interest type of relationship, then there are so many wonderful resources available to you. This comes as welcome news to those who have had a hard time finding love and the same things that others want.

It used to be that finding LGBT singles was an impossible task. This was due to the fact that it was a type of dating that people didn’t understand. As we all know when it comes to dating or to life in general, people fear what they don’t understand. We live in a world though where LGBT singles want to find love and happiness just like everyone else. This is not only possible but the chances for finding a connection with somebody in this category have gone up tremendously.

You want to know where to search for people that are interested in the same things that you are. You want to be sure that you find people who fit your interests and therefore want the same type of relationship that you do. Within the LGBT category you can find some great people who can help you to find relationship happiness. Knowing where to find LGBT singles and how to make this work is the key to lasting happiness. Let’s take a look at how this works.


Use The Right Dating Sites


There are so many great LGBT specific sites out there for online dating. You want to be sure to do your research and be sure that you find the right one to fit your needs. If you are interested in just a sexual relationship, there are some great sites for that.

If you want to find somebody that is more of a long term match, then you want to filter your search to include that criteria. There are some sites that cater to individuals within the LGBT community such as Zoosk, POF, or Elite Singles. You can even cater your search to focus on individuals with this same interest on a site like eHarmony or Match.

The other thing to consider is that there so many niche sites out there, even within the LGBT community. You can find people with similar interests, into the same sort of thing that you are, and with different life experiences as well. If you want a same sex relationship or if you are into somebody who is more open and therefore bisexual, this is the time to note that.

You can focus your search on the things that matter to you and then find the sites that appeal to you the most. Using the right online dating sites will not only help you to find the right LGBT singles, but also somebody that matches what you want in a relationship too.


Go To The Hot Spots Around Town


The LGBT niche is a very strongly united one and that’s important to not here. Knowing that this has become so mainstream means that there are so many more opportunities for the relationship that you are interested in. There is nothing to hide behind and that means that there are plenty of places to meet LGBT singles who will be of interest to you personally.

A great way to meet people that you may want to date is to head to local hot spots where others just like you are hanging out. It may be a bar, a club, a restaurant, a coffee shop, or some other hot spot that you can meet people in the same place in life as you.

It may be that you can have fun and make a connection. There are so many great clubs that cater to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. You can filter out the people that you are interested in while you have a good time. This is no longer a situation that is hard to find if you know the right places to go.


Join A Local Dating Organization


This may sound like a long shot, but that’s not the case anymore. The LGBT dating niche is nothing new but it is very specific in its needs. This may not be your traditional dating situation, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not common and celebrated. That means that you can find some great local dating organizations or dating events that you could be a part of.

This is all part of putting yourself out there like anything else. Rather than sheltering yourself or compromising what you want, you can put it all out there and get what you want in return. This works much in the same way that the online dating sites work in that you have to be honest and open.

You can find a great connection and have some fun while you do it if you join a local group or dating organization that can help you to find other LGBT singles who have the same interests and passions that you do. It’s a win win when you can enjoy the process!


Be Open To Blind Dates


LGBT DatingAnother great thing to consider is that as LGBT dating has come to the scene and become more mainstream, so too have the opportunities to find somebody within this niche. If the opportunity for a blind date comes about, then by all means go for it. If you have a friend or family member or even an acquaintance that wants to set you up, then go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Though finding LGBT singles may not necessarily seem like an easy task, it’s become far more widespread and possible than it ever used to be. You want to go into this with an open mind and recognize that there are opportunities to meet people that you are interested in. You have to go in with an open mind and an open heart to meet people that you may be interested in.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in a same sex, bisexual, transgender, or any other type of relationship. Know what you want and take the time to search for somebody who is truly a match for you. Be in control of your options and what you put out there. Then you can find happiness and a true match for your dating needs—and the rest is an amazing story to write!


Can LGBT Date and Love a Straight Person?

LGBT contain a group of acronyms, L (lesbian), which is a female who experiences and feels sexual emotions and attraction to another female. G(Gay) a man who has an attraction to other men. B(Bisexual) a person who is attracted to both female and male sexually and T(Transgender) a personal gender conflict between your desire sex and your assigned sex. The LGBT community is a group of unique and loving individuals. They hang out with various types of people as well. Since the number of straight individuals outweighs the LGBT community, there could be a chance that an LGBT individual falls for a straight person. This situation can be quite complicated because the majority of the straight population claims that they only go for the opposite sex. However, I’m still skeptical, how do we know what we don’t like if we have never tried it before?


I believe that “Every straight man has some Gayness in him.” Also for women, Katy Perry has explained this one clearly “I kissed a girl, and I liked it, taste of her cherry Chapstick.” Medically speaking both guys and girls have testosterone and estrogen in their body system. Girls have more estrogen whereas guys have more testosterone in them. Basically, everybody has each other inside of them as perverted as that sounds. One of my good friend Peter is an LGBT, and he is in love with Mike, the straight guy. Everybody told him that it will never happen because Mike is always going to be straight. I on the other hand beg to differ. I believe that people should follow their hearts and should never question love. Love is not something we can control, analyze, and interpret. It’s unpredictable, and anything can happen. I  know that Mike is as straight as a broom stick, but connections can still happen. I encourage Peter to get to know Mike and to hang out with him. They became best friends and did everything together. I don’t know whether Mike would have feelings for Peter or not, but at least this gives Peter a chance to be close to him. It’s better than having nothing at all.


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Peter is a great person; he’s always there for people who need help. He should not be judged based on his LGBT preferences.  People should be judged on their personality not based on their gender. It’s equally right for one to be in love with whoever their heart’s desire.  As long as love is not forced, and it’s allowed to happen on its own will, then this is a legitimate love. As Peter and Mike’s friendship grew, so does their connections. I told Peter not to rush things and to let it unfold on its own. Peter was scared that Mike would never love him because of his straightness. I always tell him, if two individuals are meant to be, the universe will bring them together regardless of circumstances. Mike had always sworn that he only loves women. However, he recently became confused about his feelings towards Peter. He has some strange connections, thoughts, and fantasies about him, but don’t know why.


Apparently, straight people can turn the other directions. As the new era approaches, people become more liberal and accepting. Each day, the populations of LGBT increases as people are more open to exploring and embarking on that mysterious journey of self-discovery. The stigmatization that was attached to LGBT dating is surely fading as people are becoming more mature and understanding. Also, the harsh laws and regulation are being amended in most of the states even in Africa and all over the world. People have come to understand that being an LGBT it’s alright, and it is not a form of disorder, so it’s real and possible that a straight person can be turned into an LGBT and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Mike did explore his feelings and decided to experiment. He loves Peter and will do anything to keep him. He didn’t care about the difference, in fact, he said something very meaningful. Love should not be an LGBT label. We should not label Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. It should not exist, love should just be two individuals with a strong connection.


LGBT and StraightJussie Smollett, a character in a renown television series,”Empire” is a vivid example, when he acts as Jamal Lyon, a talented singer who is gay and can make it big in the music industry. There is an episode where Jamal has sexual relations with a straight woman to mean what matters over the world is one Embracing himself. Jussie Smollett continues to win even after embracing himself as gay and has had significant brands endorsing him to be the 2017 brand MAC VIVA GLAM lipstick, and Smollett is quoted saying, “If I fall in love down the road with a woman, I am going to love that woman.” It’s worth it. When you believe in something, then it’s worth it. One of the components that separates us from animals is our ability to be driven with passion and to have the ability to struggle through an awkward moment until we attain the success. I believe that it’s acceptable for an LGBT to date a straight person if that’s what makes them happy.  One should pursue endlessly and passionately till the person gets his or her dream. It is personal dreams that make life worth living. If a person feels someone is worth it, then he should never let go of the ambitions.


One should never be demoralized about what other’s say. People will always bad-mouth others whether it’s success or failure. Even if you do or don’t follow the social norms, people will still talk. So the moral here is, why not just live your life and be with the person you love regardless of labels? A person should, therefore, strive to win for nothing is impossible. In the long run, we should always choose the life that we want to live or love with. Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder and when you get what your heart desires, don’t ever let it go. If Peter were to listen to everyone else and leave Mike alone, he would never get the love of his life. Mike might not have realized what he’s missing.  For that reason, I sincerely support LGBT dating and a relationship between an LGBT and a straight person.


For more LGBT dating resources, please check out my own research – TOP 10 LGBT Dating Sites Reviews.


What Does LGBT Mean?

LGBTQFor many, especially those who are new to LGBT Dating or LGBT Relationships, it can be confusing belonging to a group with an acronym like ours. It seems like every other day there are new letters being added to the acronym that you have now found yourself in! Currently, in some parts of the world it now stands at LGBTQIA, but in this post we will explore the original LGBT Community.

When I first came out as bisexual, and with lived experiences, I know that there is bierasure within the community and society. This is not my attempt with leaving out the Queer, Intersex, and Asexual communities. I am writing this as a beginners guide to those who are new to the LGBT Community and seeking information on what the meaning is to belong to these communities.

LGBT people can come from an race, religion, or country! Our community has no boarders and has been both celebrated, yet discriminated against as well since throughout history. We have a unique place within the societies and a rich history, dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. I would love to dive into it as well, but I would like to limit this post to LGBT dating and their identities.




LesbianThe L in LGBT stands for Lesbian. A lesbian is a woman who is attracted sexually towards other women only! While women can be attracted to many different things, lesbians are unique in their preference to engage in relationships with ONLY women.

There are many different types of lesbians, from lipstick to butch. Some lesbians who, most embarrass a higher level of femininity and standard beauty product use, as the name implies, are referred to as femmes or lip stick lesbians. They make up a population that ocan pass as heterosexual, but they are still a vital part of the Lesbian Community!

Some women, who have rejected gender norms and choose to live a more masculine manor, are referred to as butch. There are many sub-groups of the butch population, from the average to the extreme Dykes on Bikes (a badge they proudly wear). These women are more visibly homosexual and face more discrimination compared to their counter parts in the lesbian community.

For the single Lesbians out there, we recommend some online dating sites such as, apps like HER (Daatch) or Tender. Although you will have to customize your Tender account to show your interest, HER seems to know lesbians and whatthey like! We’re sure you’ll be off to a great start exploring your fantasies and fulfilling your needs!




GayThe G in LGBT stands for GAY! While a female homosexual can also claim to be gay, this term is usually reserved for male homosexuals. The gay community, historically, has been repressed for centuries and faces discrimination in many aspects of life including by religion, government, and society. Gay men are also more likely to contract HIV, which adds more stigma towards them as a community.

In order for a person to be considered gay, they must self identify and engage in homosexual relations. There is a category of men who have sex with men, but consider themselves as heterosexual. The gay community, just as the lesbian community, has many subgroups and we will explore a few in this post.

Twinks, are generally young, petite, gay men. They can be either masculine, butch, or in between! “Twink” is only a description of their physical attributes. One the other end of the spectrum are bears! Bears, generally speaking, are hairy, older, and can be either muscular or heavier in appearance. Within the “bear” community, a younger man who would qualify as a bear is considered a “cub.” In the same way these groups exist, terms that describe the physical appearances, there are “otters.” An Otter, is a gay man who has both qualities of twinks and cubs, they tend to be young, lean, and hairy!

If you are interested in exploring your gay side or fulfilling your needs, we suggest you check out some dating apps like Grindr, Scruff, Blued, or Adam4Adam! These are all gay centric apps and you will be finding yourself an LGBT hookup or relationship in no time!




BisexualThe B in LGBT stands for Bisexual! A Bisexual can be either male or female, but must be attracted to both sexes! The Bisexual Community makes up the largest portion of the LGBT community, yet they face discrimination from within and without the community. Bisexuals are often questioned on their sexual preferences because it is difficult for some people to comprehend how one can be attracted to both sexes, but it is very possible, and I know from first hand experience.

Being Bisexual can mean a lot of things, with it including both female and males. As far as dating goes, there can be a great variance in stigma between bisexual females and bisexual males. Society generally has a greater acceptance, almost to the point of being overly fetishized, of the bisexual females and tend to have negative views of bisexual men.

For dating and exploring your bisexuality, you can use the prementioned apps in this article for you same-sex attractions. But there are sites specifically for bisexual dating, BiCupid being the most popular! They cater specifically to bisexual men and women, which makes it easier to connect with others who are more understanding and share more of your interest. If you are looking for opposite sex relations, we recommend Tender, which can also be use in your search for same-sex relations if set up correctly!

Happy hunting and remember that, at the end of the day you, our community may face discrimination from different parts of society, but we make up the majority of the populace!




TransgenderThe T in LGBT stands for Trans*, which is an umbrella term that is used to describe many communities that do not always fit within the gender binary system. Trans* usually means trans women, trans men, and Transgender.

To belong to the Trans* community, you do not identify with the gender you were assigned at birth (people who do identify with the gender they were assigned at birth are called Cis-gendered). To be Transgender means that you belong to a special community, that is also sadly among the most marginalized as well. Transgender people face higher rates of suicide, domestic violence, higher poverty rates, high rates of murder, higher rates of sexual assault, and higher rates of HIV!

There are many aspects of the Trans* community, from being able to pass as the gender you have transitioned to or being in the beginning stages of transitioning. Trans people will sometimes identify as FTM (Female to Male) and MTF (Male to Female) and they can be any sexual orientation as well. If a Trans* person has gender reassignment surgery they are considered (post-op), while their counter-parts who have not had gender reassignment surgeries are considered pre-op.

Transgender people are found in many societies and cultures around the world and have in the past been regarded as special, such as in Native American Cultures or the Indian Culture as Hijras. The Hijras are males who have transitioned into females and are a recognized third gender in India!


LGBTQ: The Kids Know Too Much and Too Little

LGBT KidsWe all view children as naïve, funny, innocent, and adorable. It’s really hard to link something as taboo as LGBTQ towards the discussion with children. When I ask adults, if their kids have any knowledge about the LGBTQ community, they will give out a good laugh, and said that “my kids don’t even know if that exists.” The truth is, children, know and understand more than we think because of their surroundings and the people involved in their lives. Since children are obtaining more information from society, it’s important for parents and family members to educate them about these controversial topics. This is mainly because outside influences can provide negative connotations to the subject matter. It could lead to prejudice and misinformation. That is why it’s important for parents to discuss the LGBTQ topic with their child.


Kids in elementary school already have some ideas about the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender gender community. When asked about the LGBTQ topic, they have a pretty good foundation to initiate a meaningful conversation about it. Children often associate the word gay or queer with something negative. For example, if the person acts strangely or looks inappropriate, we often tease, bully, and mark them as gay or queer. Because of all the negativity around the word gay, kids often view it as something negative and a failure. For example, when a child has a family member who is gay, they are often made fun of. Other students, peers, even adults will go up to that kid and say “don’t grow up doing that, it will mess up your life.” This can cause the child to have a negative perception of the LGBTQ community. They would believe that having a relationship with the same gender would be a dishonor.


Some kids hear the word gay over and over again on the bus, they will bring the topic home. The parents would elaborate on the definition. Usually, the kids will have a basic understanding of it where it’s two man or two women having a relationship or love each other. Some kids would think that gay people are born with this preference or that they are different. There are kids out there who have gay parents. They either have two fathers or two mothers. Sometimes these kids would get prejudice stares and bullied such as “don’t do what your parents did, that will ruin your life.” They would even get sympathetic stares and people feeling sorry for them. Kids whose family member are gay, tend to have a deeper understanding of the concept. They view the LGBTQ topic as normal. They believe that being gay or lesbian is a normal preference. They claim that these individuals have normal lives and have normal preferences just like everybody else. kids with a deeper understanding of the topic often find it insulting that others would use the word gay nonchalantly to describe something negative. These kids would further educate others about the normality of LGBTQ. They often bring up good controversial discussion about certain prejudice. For example a tomboy is viewed as a tougher girl, however, a tom girl is viewed as being gay, and they question that.


Children with a deeper understanding often look up to people like Ellen DeGeneres, Who is a lesbian celebrity. The most amazing part about Ellen is that she is genuine about her sexuality. She even exhibits confidence about it to the whole world. This is the person that children should look up to. It gives them a way to see how beautiful confidence can be. They will be able to handle the many interpretations involving the LGBTQ topic. Some children have households that are more conservative and will view the gays, lesbians, bisexual as something taboo and stay away from it. This will cause children to be more prejudice and have less tolerance for the LGBTQ community. Children with a more liberal household, tend to be more open-minded to the idea and can often get bullied and insulted by their openness. This is why it’s important for educators to discuss the topics in class with these children.


LGBTQ educationThe open discussion allows kids to express their thoughts and perspective in the classroom. This can help other kids to understand where each of their ideas come from and how to comprehend it. This allows the kids to all meet in the middle regarding various beliefs about the LGBTQ topics. For example, conservative students will be able to understand that gays and lesbians are normal people like you and me. More liberal students will understand that even though these topics are normal, but it’s best to take into account that other people might view them as taboo. Unfortunately, because of the controversies involving these topics, teachers aren’t doing anything about it. They tend to shy away from the topic. Whenever they hear kids use the word gay, they will walk the other way. If we kept these discussions hidden, there could be a lot of misunderstanding and bullying in school. Kids would be made fun of and hurt, and there could be a lot of unanswered questions.


If the schools are willing to create a class for sex education where they talk about condoms, std, safety, abstinence, puberty, and anatomy, then it should be OK to create a class for subjects involving LGBTQ. That way our children will be more well informed and educated for the future. After all the work force contains a diverse group of people. It would be beneficial for our future generation to be able to adapt to these types of variety. In order to have a successful relationship with those around us, it’s best to start with the basic understanding of various preferences in different people. What gays and lesbians do might seem strange, but if we learn to look at it from their point of view, it will all make sense. By adding an extra curriculum that educates children about the gay community can increase appreciation and awareness.



Why Buy a Membership to LGBT Dating Sites?

LGBTQ onlineWith dating apps, such as Grindr and scruff, some may wonder what is the point if any of buying a membership to an LGBTQ dating website? The easiest way to make the case is simple, it is an investment with other people seeking the same. By making the leap and getting a subscription on a paid dating service, you’re actually taking less risk and maximizing your time, money, and emotions because these sites are filled with people who are seeking the same thing you are and just like you they have invested their time and money into finding a relationship that works. As part of a consumer based society, we tend to be a bit frivolous about our spending habits, but investing a small amount of money in something like finding a relationship, could potentially lead to something most of us want, a serious relationship with meaning.

If you’re ready to make the commitment in starting a LGBTQ relationship, buying a membership to a pay site may seem like the best option, one we highly recommend. Members of paid dating sites, are more committed in their search for love, as compared to those who use free site, as they tend to be more casual, flake out on meetings more often, or just aren’t honest about what they would like out of a relationship, commitment levels are vastly different for those with paid memberships verses those who are on free dating apps. When you think about it, does it really make sense to invest your time and energy into someone who isn’t even willing to buy a subscription to a dating site, it doesn’t sound like they’re very invested in finding love as much as casual encounters or just exploring their sexuality at the expense of your emotions (the price of a subscription can be as inexpensive as a Netflix account)? Don’t waste your time, your emotions, or energy on sites that aren’t filled with people who are just as invested in finding “the one,” or what ever your arrangement may be, when mutually agreed upon.

Sites like the ones we have reviewed one, have proven tract records and have features, services, and other amenities that free dating sites cannot offer, mostly due to the facts of how they operate!

1. Money = amenities

Free dating sites have limited resources, they primarily generate revenues from Ads! With pay sites, the money is invested in the site by the members, which leads to easier navigation of the sites. The collective investments are also used for advertising of their sites to attract more members (disclaimer, we are not being paid to write this blog). Among other things, the money used by the sites offer other services, which we will go into further detail later in the list!

2. Privacy

By choosing a paid dating service, you’ll receive a personal inbox, to which only you have access to. If and when you decide to disclose any personal information, it will be on your terms, but the sites do advise you to watch out for scams or giving out any banking, social security information. In addition to these privacy measures, a majority of these site won’t even allow people without memberships to view your profile or contact you in any form! Which after my experience, is a good aspect, as it is a common misconception that someone who is willing to use a pay site has money to just blow on the first thing that tickles their fancy, beware of things that sound too good to be true, as they usually are. These sites also suggest reporting activities such as this to their administrators as fraud.

3. Professional Coaching

In your search for your soul mate, if you’re newly single or just haven’t ever found the one, then most sites offer professional tips on how to create the perfect profile. By perfect profile, we don’t mean something that will just get you messages and more views, but on a deeper level show who you really are. Unlike no pay sites, members are looking for more than just your age, wages, and the 140 character description you can come up with (we all hate those “about me” sections). These paid memberships offer guides into what you should include in your profile, step by step, in most cases. They inquire into some of your most personal details and match you with like minded or compatible members who are just what you’re looking for!

4. Customer service

All paid dating sites have customer service! You’re not paying money to just have free range on a platform you may not be familiar with. Customer service can help you with even the simple of tasks, such as uploading photos, changing or modifying your service agreement, or more complex features that their site may offer. It is always a good idea to give the customer service line a ring when you’re interested in obtaining a membership, as they are professionals at their product and may help you get the most out of your experience on their site, some may even have deals on subscriptions or data that you may not find on a web search.

5. Exclusive social mixers

LGBTQ datingSome sites offer members local events held at bars, pubs, or convention centers. The purposes of these events are to provide a personal touch to the lost art of dating in person! Over the last decades, half of all relationships are started online. Yet the speed dating and mixers, are not as extinct as one may think, they have just evolved. When checking out membership dating sites, some offer annual or exotic events and they are definitely worth checking out!


6. You’ll spend less time in your search

Believe it or not, with all this professional help and with like minded individuals who are looking for the same thing you are, it will take less time for you to find your match. It could take dozens of fruitless dates and years on those free dating apps to find someone remotely worth your time, or even worse your biological clock may just seem like you have to settle on someone you may not even really want to be with!


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