LGBT contain a group of acronyms, L (lesbian), which is a female who experiences and feels sexual emotions and attraction to another female. G(Gay) a man who has an attraction to other men. B(Bisexual) a person who is attracted to both female and male sexually and T(Transgender) a personal gender conflict between your desire sex and your assigned sex. The LGBT community is a group of unique and loving individuals. They hang out with various types of people as well. Since the number of straight individuals outweighs the LGBT community, there could be a chance that an LGBT individual falls for a straight person. This situation can be quite complicated because the majority of the straight population claims that they only go for the opposite sex. However, I’m still skeptical, how do we know what we don’t like if we have never tried it before?

I believe that “Every straight man has some Gayness in him.” Also for women, Katy Perry has explained this one clearly “I kissed a girl, and I liked it, taste of her cherry Chapstick.” Medically speaking both guys and girls have testosterone and estrogen in their body system. Girls have more estrogen whereas guys have more testosterone in them. Basically, everybody has each other inside of them as perverted as that sounds. One of my good friend Peter is an LGBT, and he is in love with Mike, the straight guy. Everybody told him that it will never happen because Mike is always going to be straight. I on the other hand beg to differ. I believe that people should follow their hearts and should never question love. Love is not something we can control, analyze, and interpret. It’s unpredictable, and anything can happen. I  know that Mike is as straight as a broom stick, but connections can still happen. I encourage Peter to get to know Mike and to hang out with him. They became best friends and did everything together. I don’t know whether Mike would have feelings for Peter or not, but at least this gives Peter a chance to be close to him. It’s better than having nothing at all.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Peter is a great person; he’s always there for people who need help. He should not be judged based on his LGBT preferences.  People should be judged on their personality not based on their gender. It’s equally right for one to be in love with whoever their heart’s desire.  As long as love is not forced, and it’s allowed to happen on its own will, then this is a legitimate love. As Peter and Mike’s friendship grew, so does their connections. I told Peter not to rush things and to let it unfold on its own. Peter was scared that Mike would never love him because of his straightness. I always tell him, if two individuals are meant to be, the universe will bring them together regardless of circumstances. Mike had always sworn that he only loves women. However, he recently became confused about his feelings towards Peter. He has some strange connections, thoughts, and fantasies about him, but don’t know why.

Apparently, straight people can turn the other directions. As the new era approaches, people become more liberal and accepting. Each day, the populations of LGBT increases as people are more open to exploring and embarking on that mysterious journey of self-discovery. The stigmatization that was attached to LGBT dating is surely fading as people are becoming more mature and understanding. Also, the harsh laws and regulation are being amended in most of the states even in Africa and all over the world. People have come to understand that being an LGBT it’s alright, and it is not a form of disorder, so it’s real and possible that a straight person can be turned into an LGBT and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Mike did explore his feelings and decided to experiment. He loves Peter and will do anything to keep him. He didn’t care about the difference, in fact, he said something very meaningful. Love should not be an LGBT label. We should not label Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. It should not exist, love should just be two individuals with a strong connection.

Jussie Smollett, a character in a renown television series,”Empire” is a vivid example, when he acts as Jamal Lyon, a talented singer who is gay and can make it big in the music industry. There is an episode where Jamal has sexual relations with a straight woman to mean what matters over the world is one Embracing himself. Jussie Smollett continues to win even after embracing himself as gay and has had significant brands endorsing him to be the 2017 brand MAC VIVA GLAM lipstick, and Smollett is quoted saying, “If I fall in love down the road with a woman, I am going to love that woman.” It’s worth it. When you believe in something, then it’s worth it. One of the components that separates us from animals is our ability to be driven with passion and to have the ability to struggle through an awkward moment until we attain the success. I believe that it’s acceptable for an LGBT to date a straight person if that’s what makes them happy.  One should pursue endlessly and passionately till the person gets his or her dream. It is personal dreams that make life worth living. If a person feels someone is worth it, then he should never let go of the ambitions.

One should never be demoralized about what other’s say. People will always bad-mouth others whether it’s success or failure. Even if you do or don’t follow the social norms, people will still talk. So the moral here is, why not just live your life and be with the person you love regardless of labels? A person should, therefore, strive to win for nothing is impossible. In the long run, we should always choose the life that we want to live or love with. Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder and when you get what your heart desires, don’t ever let it go. If Peter were to listen to everyone else and leave Mike alone, he would never get the love of his life. Mike might not have realized what he’s missing.  For that reason, I sincerely support LGBT dating and a relationship between an LGBT and a straight person.