ELGBT dating on EliteSingles.com has made it easier for newly out-of-the-closet lesbians, gay, bisexual and transsexual individuals to connect with similar minded persons in the quest for a serious relationship. Contrary to most other LGBT sites that offer casual hookups, elitesingles.com offers LGBT singles the opportunity to forge quality relationships. With a wide range of Psychologist-approved questions and drop choices, LGBT singles can create a personality profile that makes it easier to connect with similar minded people. The site offers frequent guidance tips that are aimed at keeping new users safe while on the search for a serious partner. Users are ill-advised against sharing sensitive information such as bank and credit card information. Overall, the user interface is friendly, allowing for easy navigation around the website.

Membership Costs and Features

Elitesingles.com offers two membership options; basic and premium plans. The basic membership plan is meant to allow first time users to check out the site’s basic features and view match suggestions. Communication with other site users is limited. Basic plan members can also upload pictures to accompany their scientifically assembled personality profile. The users stand a genuine chance of linking up with serious interested individuals and spark off something beautiful. Basic members however have limited access to prospective matches’ or other members’ pictures.

The site’s features include, a scientific/psychological personality test, a fraud detection system that is reinforced by a five-factor questionnaire and a dedicated team of professionals that work behind the scenes to review the authenticity of each membership request. The result is highly compatible, fun and lasting LGBT relationships.

EliteSingles.com’s Premium Light package allows users to purchase a month long membership plan for $89.95, a three month membership plan for $54.95 a month and a six month plan for $39.95 per month. A year’s worth of membership goes for $24.95 per month.

With the Premium Plus package, elitesingles.com’s users get a one-month plan for $119.95 while the three month subscription costs $69.95 a month. The six month membership plan goes for $59.95 per month while a year’s worth of membership goes for up to $39.95 per month. This membership plan has been rated as being perhaps the most valuable choice.

Sign Up Process

Elitesingles.com has a fairly simple and straightforward sign up process. New members simply have to log onto the site where they are required to submit a valid email address, a secure password of choice that entails six or more characters which should include at least one number. The new members choose the specific gender they choose to identify with, and the gender of the partners they would love to meet and hopefully initiate a relationship. After the initial details have been submitted, the new member encounters a text selection field where he/she chooses the specific country of origin from a drop list and subsequently an accompanying postal or zip address.

Afterwards, new users submit to a 29 question personality tests that take around ten or so minutes to complete. This step is aimed at building the user’s personality profile while a series of five-factor structured questionnaires are meant to detect fraud cases. The personality profile is useful in approaching the compatibility puzzle. The closer the traits two people have in common, the higher the likelihood that the pair will get along, build a strong relationship on the basis of shared experiences and similar likes and dislikes. Some issues dealt with in the personality test include:

– Do you smoke and how important is smoking or not smoking in the people you’d like to meet?
– If you smoke, how often do you do it?
– Do you drink? If not, how important is this trait in people you would prefer to meet?
– If you drink, how frequently do you do it?
– What race are you? The choice ranges from African and African American, Latin American and Hispanic, Caucasian and White, Asian and Native Indian American.
– What race should your prospective partner preferably be?
– What is your height and the preferable height of your prospective partner?
– What is your highest level of education?
– Is education an important factor in the people you meet?
– What is your current job?
– How much do you earn in a year?
– Are you caring? The choices range from strongly agree to strongly disagree and are in the form of a spectrum i.e. there is a middle ground. This type of choice system is applicable in numerous other questions in the personality test.
– What are your hobbies, likes and interests?

The above questions are an example of what the personality test entails. The full test is longer and gives useful tips in-between.

Protect Your Privacy

This site has a pretty elaborate privacy policy and is committed to protecting the data and information collected. The privacy of the members is assured thanks to the protection and responsible use of personal data. All payment details, contact information and profile data are secured by Firewalls and Secure Socket Layer protocols. These measures prevent any unauthorized access to the members’ information and other sensitive data. Access to specific data is restricted to trained site staff which is also restricted to specific instances.

The private messaging system ensures that at no point do email addresses and names leak. This is an important basic feature of safe LGBT dating sites. Elitesingles.com’s proprietors, AFFINITAS Group, are compliant with State and Federal laws that govern the use of private information in the United States of America. This dating site is meant solely for individuals of the age of 18 or older.

Unique Features

Elitesingles.com offers an interesting array of features that enhance the user experience making LGBT dating a great deal more efficient and easy. Some features include;

1. Photo request: This dating site sends members looking for love a minimum of 3-7 compatible matches a day. The best part about having someone express interest in you is actually being able to see pictures of the said person or persons. Users can request photos from potential matches and make a determination on whether or not to follow up.

2. Profile Picture: Profile pictures go a long way in determining how many people will express interest. Profile pictures are more effective compared to simple plain texts.

3. Message Read receipts: This feature allows the users to receive a notification once sent messages have been read.

4. “Have you met?” This particular feature allows members to search for other user profiles on the website.

  • Elitesingles.com offers an unparalleled LGBT dating experience that is unlike anything else on other LGBT dating sites. The site’s success and subsequent impressive ratings are based on the numerous success stories.

  • The site has a dedicated personality determination system. This goes a long way in matching up LGBT couples with similar traits, likes and interests.

  • Elitesingles.com has a long standing policy that extends into LGBT dating where, only serious individuals seeking long term relationships are welcome. This goes against the common market trends where casual hookups and other short term encounters are a commonplace.

  • All user data which includes, login information, passwords, profiles and payment details are safe and secure. The site’s administrators go to exceptional lengths to ensure that all members’ information is safe from unauthorized access.

  • The site has a mobile application that allows easier access to the site’s features while on the move.

  • Elitesingles.com offers a range of affordable premium plans that range between 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The premium membership plans offer a deeper insight into the personalities of the various members that express interest. On top of that, premium members get a “Verified” badge.

  • Let’s face it, not everyone out there is thirsty for a long term LGBT relationship that comes with commitments and everything else that makes you want to run. A majority of individuals just want a simple casual encounter. Elitesingles.com isn’t the place for that. Plenty of other LGBT dating sites offer anonymous LGBT hookups.

  • The prerequisite personality test is quite lengthy. To some, this can be just the turnoff enough to keep them away.


Elitesingles.com is in my opinion the best LGBT dating site. This is however a recent development or rather an addition onto an already existing dating service. The site has kept up with the trends as the LGBT community continues to gain acceptance and recognition all over the globe. The “serious individuals only” policy sets the site apart from other LGBT dating and anonymous hookup services such as Grindr. The addition of a personality test that touches on several important issues about the individual looking for love enhances the chances that a suitable match with the same likes, interests and way of thinking will be made. On elitesingles.com, the numbers speak for themselves; a rating of 4.9/5 surely means that something is going very well and the people are happy about it.