The list of potential reasons to explore online dating sites is exhaustive. However, as a member of the LGBT community, I have found one reason in particular that sends me to these sites repeatedly. That reason is boredom. Unless you live in a huge community with a large population of LGBT individuals, finding the person of your dreams, even if only for a night, can be a challenge. You might even feel like you are settling based on the choices you have in your area. The first question I asked myself when I started to feel the boredom set in was “where is the LGBT community here?”. I had been to clubs, I had been to parties and social gatherings and always the same people showed up. Certainly, there must be more of us here than this I told myself over and over.

Then, I started checking out some LGBT dating sites and realized that this is where they were. Not everyone is social or likes going to clubs. But most people do find themselves at home, with time to waste and a lonely void or sexual desire to fill. This is where sites like come in. isn’t a strict LGBT site. It caters to all sexual orientations, identities and interests, although much of their user base is looking for traditional male/female hookups with a little bit of kink added in. Even with that, makes it easy to search for members that match your sexual interests, making it a great option for those of us in the transgender community who are weary or tired of the misrepresentations that are way too common on other LGBT dating sites. When I talk about, I use the term “dating site” lightly. It actually is more of a hookup site, but that doesn’t mean that something substantial can’t come about, if that is what you are looking for.

The user base at is real, down to earth and straightforward about what they are looking for, and at the end of the day, that matters more than membership perks and a pretty web design. Here are a few more details about my experience with

Membership Cost and Features

Like most every other dating and hookup site, offers very limited access with a free basic membership. This membership allows you the opportunity to create a profile where paid members can contact you, and you get a glimpse at all the eye candy from the profiles. However, you are not actually able to view and message other profiles with subscribing to their paid Gold Membership. Gold Member features include instant access to the full profiles of all members, member videos, unlimited member webcams, their instant messaging system, group chat and the ability to send “flirts”, which a way of letting other members know that you like what you see and might be interested in starting up a conversation.

Paid Gold Membership Prices:

• 1-month subscription for $29.95
• 3-month subscription for $19.95 per month (billed quarterly)
• 12-month subscription for $14.95 per month (billed annually)

You can also add to your basic subscription with Enhanced Chat, which provides express message delivery, allows members to contact you at any time and boosts your placement in the search. Enhanced Chat costs:

• $19.95 for a 1-month subscription
• $35.90 for a 3-month subscription
• $107.40 for a 12-month subscription

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process for this site is one of the simplest and most intuitive that can be found. There is plenty of opportunity to tell others about yourself, but while other sites are clouded with endless surveys and lengthy lists of preferences this site offers only a couple well thought out, focused preference lists.

When you join, you will receive an email that welcomes you and guides you through some basic steps of developing a successful profile including the recommendation to upload an introductory video. Personally, I think the suggestion to upload a video is a great feature. There is a lot that can be conveyed via video that doesn’t naturally come through in your typical profile. One of those things is honesty and sincerity, two things that can be difficult to find on any dating platform, but especially those that also cater to LGBT dating interests.

Protect Your Privacy

This site offers the standard protections when it comes to your privacy However, a closer look at their terms of use and privacy policy will reveal a couple of things that might raise an eyebrow or two.

First, specifically states in its policy that by creating an account you acknowledge that you have never committed a felony of any type and that you aren’t required to register as a sex offender in your community. As much as I appreciate that this company is trying to protect their users, I wouldn’t go so far as to let this stipulation lure you into a sense of false security regarding the personal integrity of the user base.

Secondly, considers anything that you say or share during chat or email, and any photos that you post to be public communications. They even go as far as to say that ANYTHING that you post on the side can be used in marketing materials or for any other reason deemed appropriate by and their affiliated sites.

Keep this in mind as you post pictures of yourself on this site. While the worldview of those of us who choose to live a LGBT lifestyle is expanding, unfortunately there are still quite a few closed minds. I expect the LGBT dating sites that I use to offer more security in protecting the details of my lifestyle than offers. That said, this can still be a great site to meet and hookup with interesting people if you adhere to basic common sense regarding sharing your image and personal information.

Unique Features

While you might not consider it a shiny, attractive feature, I feel obligated to note the simple, straightforward design of the site as a unique feature. So many dating sites are cluttered, difficult to navigate and are riddled with frustrating pop-up ads. Not this site. The interface is clean, and it is easy to navigate with without added confusion.

I personal like the sexual interest/compatibility questionnaire. While other sites offer and extensive lists of kinks and desires, this list is more straightforward and compact while maintain a lighthearted sense of fun with responses choices such as “Gotta Have It” or “Never Gonna Happen”.

  • This site offers one of the deepest paid membership discounts for members who choose longer-term subscriptions. For example, a one-month subscription costs $29.95, while committing to a yearlong subscription costs you $14.95 a month, saving you 50% of the month to month costs.

  • The clean layout of the site makes it easy to navigate and search for exactly the person you want to hook up with. The design is uncluttered and intuitive to use.

  • While the user base is not as large as some of the other sites,’s clear and easy search and preference features easily weeds out people that are not part of the LGBT community and those who don’t match your personality or sexual interests.

  • To me, perhaps the largest “con” of this site is their claim to own any image or conversation that you have within the site. This can be overcome by simply being aware and exercising caution.

  • is a member of an affiliate network that contains sixteen different dating and hookup sites. Some of these sites rank high among top LGBT dating sites, while others fall short. Although unlikely, it is possible that your profile or your likeness might end up on a site that you have no personal interest in.

  • When you first log onto the site, you will be shown many profiles from your area, at least if you have your device set to recognize your location. Granted, I hadn’t filled out my profile or preferences yet, so not many of my first glance matches were members of the LGBT community. However, upon filling out my profile and viewing my matches with anticipation, I found I had a much lower number of matches in my immediate area that met my unique search criteria. With that, after entering in a radius distance I had multiple matches show up that were much further away than the distance criteria entered.

Verdict makes no promises to be something other than what it is, which is a casual hookup and dating site. While this site is geared toward the general population, taking into account all varieties of sexual tastes and preferences, it is actually a really good LGBT dating site. What makes it stand out as such? For me, it is the site’s no-nonsense approach.

I have visited many, many sites claiming that as a LGBT community member, I would be overwhelmed with the potential matches the site offered, only to be disappointed by the lack of action once I joined. This site is far from that. Yes, a great percentage of users are straight or looking to explore some curiosities with LGBT members. However, the simple format and search functions really narrow down the matches to suit your interests, making it easy and fun to hook up with members you are genuinely interested in.

Speaking of genuine interests, of all the LGBT dating sites I have reviewed, the members here stand out as the most genuine. This could be because the premise is to find partners who will satisfy an immediate sexual need, and in this type of environment, there really isn’t much room to play around with false personas if you are really interested in hooking up quickly. The other members that I had contact with were playful, sexy and upfront on all levels.

If you are looking for some low commitment fun, that may or may not turn into something more, is a LGBT site worth exploring.