Society in the new era has been very accepting towards the LGBT community, though not fully. This acceptance has enabled people to be open about their real self to a myriad of opportunities. In multiple studies and research, the LGBT has been documented as being better lovers than their straight counterparts.  Love has been considered a free will and dependent on individual commitment. LGBT people tend to honor that commitment and love endless without boundaries. They possess various attributes that contribute towards why they are better lovers than straight individuals:

  1. Communication.

Psychologist highlights communication as the key component in enhancing love in relationships. Though straight people may state themselves as being better communicators with their partners, this is not always the case. Ladies, to be precise, are brought up to be good in communication. They express their emotions better than men, and respond are better at responding to conflict. Thus, ladies tend to be good communicators. When in a fight, lesbians keep their attitudes positive. They do not take little things personally. Combined with affection and humor, this goes a long way in achieving positive results when faced with a conflict. Besides being great at communicating with each other, LGBT is much friendlier during communication with other people. This puts them in a position where they can make new friends more effectively.

  1. Shared responsibility.

With the old belief that men should be considered sole breadwinners, this often causes conflicts amongst heterosexuals. With the current economic times, getting a well-paying job is not a walk in the park. Paying for mortgages, home contracts, education fees among other financial requirements may lead to financial complications when it comes to relying on a sole breadwinner. Though straight people may share responsibilities to curb this, there are inhibiting gender roles. There are no specific gender-roles such as this should be done by men, this by a woman, that should not be done by a man or a woman, LGBT considers each other equals. This allows them to share responsibilities effectively. Research has shown that women are on a lower pay-grade than men. This may cause a division when it comes to financial contributions in a straight relationship; one may feel being taxed more. However, being on the same pay-grade (lesbians/gay), would create a better understanding financially. Furthermore, the same pay-grade would allow LGBT partners to spend much more time with their partner when it comes to paid work or parenting responsibilities.

  1. Friendship.

Relationship experts advise friendship between partners as being crucial for a healthy love relationship. Many straight couples would indicate that friendship plays a vital role in their relationship. They may be friends but not the best of friends. Heterosexuals do not integrate their partners into their friend’s group, this is evident with most straight men who do not keep friendships with their exes. LGBT, on the other hand, view their partners as incredible people who would keep their friendship long after the relationship is over. Maintaining a friendship over the long term is because their partner was plucked from a friends group, integrating them into their world would not be much of a challenge.

  1. “Hard wired”

Lesbians and gays bond very well with each other due to their anatomy. For most heterosexuals, they do not fully understand their partner’s anatomy, and this may cause relationship complications; unhealthy sex, being one. LGBT man have got the upper hand on this. They do understand their partner’s anatomy better. “Understanding themselves” gives them a better chance of understanding their partner. An understanding of the other party’s anatomy leads to better choices when it comes to words, greeting each other with gifts, and maintaining a constant vibrant communication. The amazing part is that they can have long meaningful conversations at a  deeper level. This enables them to share humorous experiences and values. With no gender expectations, it would only be great imaginations and love. Failure to understand your partner’s needs would, in the long run, end the relationship or damage it.

  1. Empathy.

Most societies do not accept LGBT as they are considered queer and out of place, and a while back they were considered disoriented. With this sense of insecurity, they do not have much support from friends, family, and colleagues, thus unlike their straight counterparts, LGBT stick with each other. Empathy is a great part of human nature, LGBT would always look out for each other, as they got no one else but themselves. This type of understanding builds a home within each other and brings a sense of acceptance to each other. This will ultimately go a long way in creating a love bond and cementing an existing one.

  1. Sex.

A love affair would not be complete without sex in it. A healthy sexual relationship, as experts say, is useful in maintaining a healthy love relationship. Physiologically, when it comes to sex, men and women are different. Men tend to reach orgasm much quicker than women. In most heterosexual relationships, it is a challenge to give your partner the “perfect” sex. Having the perfect sex comes down to some issues such as understanding your partner’s anatomy and foreplay, it is not always penetration. In most situations, straight people would fake an orgasm to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings. This might in time lead to infidelity to achieve sexual satisfaction elsewhere. LGBT, on the other hand, understands each other’s sexual needs better than their straight friends. Their physiological similarities play a crucial role in achieving the “perfect” sexual experience. They do not fear to try new sexual adventures and do not hold back on their sexual needs. Oral sex for one is not treated as a special occasion. Further, landing accidental babies due to unprotected sex is not a priority in their heads. After all, when the time is right, and they feel like being parents, a test tube, surrogate or adoption can work its magic.

LGBT are better lovers than a straight person in that they possess top quality features for a healthy relationship which consist of communication, patience, friendship, and understanding. These are key factors that create and cement a crazy sexual adventure.