Did you know that Match.com is among the top LGBT dating sites? For those who don’t know, LGBT means you are pretty special and can have a hard time finding a partner to love in the typical dating scene. To be precise, you are not straight. So you can be bisexual, gay, lesbian, heterosexual or transgender. Match.com has been around since 1995 and has become the most reputable and popular online dating site in the U.S. It makes love happen between two people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Thus, you need to create an account on match.com to get your first LGBT hookup. This is where straight and LGBT people hang out and it’s rather easy to find someone special. The site boasts millions of singles and about half the population is made up of ladies. Since Match.com has plenty of active users, and several others are joining every day, your odd of finding someone special is so high. Besides, the ratio of men to women is 49:51. This means that both LGBT men and women have a big chance of getting what they want.

Membership Costs and Features


Match.com provides two membership options— free membership and premium membership.

 Free membership – One can quickly create an account on Match.com. However, the fun ends there. You cannot do much as a free member and will quickly lose your interest.

 Premium memberships – Match.com provides a wide range of monthly membership to its users. The pricing structure is not straightforwardly shown, though. So it will take a little bit of work to discover where the pricing feature is hidden. The site lists its monthly fee for a period of one month, six months and twelve months. You would know how much you would pay monthly if you chose their 12 Months Plan, for instance. The site’s subscriptions for the USA and Canadian users are:

o 1 Month – $41.99 per subscription
o 3 Months – $26.99 per month for a three-month subscription
o 6 Months – $23.99 per month for a six-month subscription
o 12 Month – $20.99 per month for 12-month subscription


As a basic or free member, you are totally limited. In fact, you only stand a chance to meet LGBT singles if you upgrade your free membership. You won’t be able to respond to messages from premium members at all. On the other hand, you will enjoy a lot of features on match.com as a premium account owner. Indeed, you will access the entire match system and do every single thing that pleases you. There is a detailed questionnaire that takes about thirty minutes to fill. It has three main categories and nine subcategories about you. It has sections such as About Me, In My Own Words, About My Match, and so on.

You should enter true information about your background, lifestyle, interests, and appearance and so on. If you want to skip a question, you can easily do it. The Daily 5 is a feature only you can use. It gives you five potential matches based on matches with similar qualities. In case you fail to form LGBT relationships within the first 6 months, match.com will give you another 6-month free subscription. The site’s method of getting you a match is so reliable and you can look for perfect matches, reverse matches and astrological matches (these have a similar birthday as you).

Sign Up Process

When you first try to sign up, Match.com will give you an option to either pick “I’m ready for a new relationship”, “I’m not looking for a relationship” or “Let’s see what happens”. The system shows you a list of various personalities. You should scroll down and pick the personality that best describes you. After this, you will go on and fill a short questionnaire with details about you. It entails things like job, hobbies, what you want in a partner and looks and so on. You will just tick the boxes that describe you well. There is a point where you will write a short bio about yourself and the LGBT match you want to meet. In just about five minutes the whole task will be over.

Protect Your Privacy

If this will be your first time to try internet dating, you might feel nervous and worried about sharing your private details. But one thing that Match.com takes seriously is your privacy and internet safety. One way they do this is via the online dating safety tips that are shown on their website. These tips are about things you should be aware of when meeting your first date offline. As well, they discuss a lot about the behaviors you should be aware of when meeting your date for the first time.

Additionally, you can hide your profile or remove your profile from the Member Spotlight (shows you profile on partner sites and other marketing campaigns) when you feel like. Member Spotlight is turned on by default, but you can disable it when you want. If you don’t like some of those contacting you, use the block feature. If a member becomes a nuisance, you can contact staff and report their bad behavior. Most of these precautions by Match.com have been set to keep your identity safe and private.

Unique Features

Match.com is among the few LGBT sites with unique features. This is where it excels far above and beyond similar dating websites. These unique features entail:

MindFindBind™ With Dr. Phil – This is an exclusive monthly program that helps new internet daters find someone perfect and then learn how to bond with them. It is offered Dr. Phil, a globally known TV personality.

Match.com Platinum™ – This unique feature is designed for people who don’t want to sort through the portraits on the site. It is a customized matchmaker.

MatchWords™ – This entails keywords placed on a search engine when searching for something. It lets you list words that others can use when searching for your profile. The site shows you a free list of some of the recently added phrases.

  • This is among the most detailed LGBT dating sites. It has plenty of useful email filters and advanced search options.
  • It has a unique feature that is endorsed by Dr. Phil, who is known to reconcile and guide couples with relationship/marital issues.
  • It has a huge active crowd, raising your odds of meeting LGBT singles
  • Match.com doesn’t help a free member unless they upgrade.
  • The site’s busy interface that always approves every profile change you make is rather boring.

My Verdict

Would we use Match.com to make LGBT relationships? Our answer is a big yes. The website has millions of registered members and most of them are active on a daily basis. Thus, if you upgrade your profile and use all the provided search options, you will meet the one you desperately need. Besides, Match.com will give you a free 6-month subscription if you don’t meet someone special within the first six months of being a premium member. Hence, we believe that you have nothing to lose if you sign up and buy a membership plan for six months. If your profile is clearly written, and your profile settings are correct, you will get hits on a regular basis. Match.com is also safe, reliable and effective if you are a patient person