OneScene is fairly new when it comes to popular LGBT dating sites and many people are still not familiar with it but it’s quickly moving to the top! It has a modern, sleek design and a simplistic web theme, making it super-easy for users to navigate through the site though the plain interface may work better for younger users.

One of the best parts about this online dating website is its diverse community. Even though the majority of registered users are from the USA, OneScene is a rare spot where individuals from all around the world can meet up. That means that OneScene might easily end up being the favorite pick among other LGBT sites for many who agree that love doesn’t recognize any boundaries.

The site encourages the LGBT singles to pursue all types of relationships and isn’t only limited to hookups or to those looking for more serious commitment – actually, you can even look for friendship, traveling buddies or just someone to chat with! Once you set up your profile, the site will automatically show you the people with who you might fit best according to your preferences and location.

Keep reading on to find out more about the site’s features as well as the pros and cons before you give it a chance!

Membership Cost and Features

There are two types of membership that you can do on OneScene – free and premium.

Anyone can sign up and use the website with a free account though free members are limited in how much contact they can make.Also, certain restrictions apply in the way you can answer your messages. Other than that, you’re able to see whoever looked at your profile, whoever liked you or add people to your list of ‘Favorites’.

If you choose to go for the premium account, you’ll get an upgrade that will allow you to unlock extended access to all of the site’s features.

There isn’t an exact price set for the premium membership costs, though according to the website’s info, it varies depending on different promotions as well as site’s availability. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10.95 all the way to $84.95 depending on the length of the time you’ll be subscribing for, as well as certain periods of promotion.

Sign Up Process

LGBT singles should find signing up for OneScene fairly easy compared to other sites. Once you open the page, a ‘Start Here’ tab guides you through the process. You can sign up either by creating an email account or just by linking your Facebook account though most users go under a username. The website itself doesn’t post anything on your behalf even if you link it with your Facebook account.

The site encourages the use of pictures and that’s one of the first things you’ll be offered to fill in.Adding the rest of the information about yourself goes incredibly fast as the site already includes suggestions on character traits, hobbies, interests, and so on – you’ll just need to pick things from a list!

Besides that, you can always go back and finish your profile whenever you have more time – you’d still be able to talk to users even if you don’t have a fully completed profile. However, take note that you’ll need to activate your account with a code you’ll receive in your e-mail inbox before you can start using it fully.

Protect Your Privacy

Upon registering, you’re not required to enclose your full name, which many find welcoming as far as the privacy is concerned.

Another good aspect regarding your privacy is the ‘Locked Album’ option, which allows you to share pictures only with the users you give access to. Pictures that aren’t part of the Locked Album are visible to everyone on the platform.

OneScene doesn’t mention anywhere whether they perform additional background checks on their users, so it’s for the best to stay safe and be careful whom do you share more about yourself.

Unique Features

No matter whether you’re looking for more serious gay relationships or just a casual LGBT hookup, you’d be thrilled to hear about some of the unique features of the site.

• The mobile app, so you can use the website on the go without needing to sit in front of a PC.

• The Icebreaker option, which is pretty much self-explanatory – use it if you don’t know how to start a conversation with someone! You could choose from a variety of ‘ice-breaking’ options such as wave, smile, poke or wink and let people know in a subtle way you like them.

• Lifestyle insight, which is a special segment of each user’s profile that allows you to get valuable information about their beliefs, opinions, character traits, physical appearances and even diet – all with a click away!

• Nearby option, with exact mileage included, so you can see which users are near you. You’re allowed to talk to users even if they’re not that close to you!

  • It’s an international LGBT community;
  • Simplistic design and easy-to-use interface;
  • Signing up process is easy and simple;
  • Special features improve the user’s experience without the need to go premium;
  • You can get a lot of info just by looking at someone’s profile;
  • There’s a mobile app you can use;
  • Bigger privacy control;
  • It’s not very popular so the number of users might be limited;
  • The premium membership doesn’t give a lot of exclusive rights;
  • The community is mostly in their 20s and 30s, which some mature people may not find appealing;


With its modern design and young community, OneScene is quickly going to become one of the best LGBT dating sites on an international level. Most users are going to be thrilled with the simplicity of the site that resembles other popular social networks and the easiness with which you can navigate between your dashboard and homepage.
However, one thing they should definitely work on is building up their brand further more and promoting their name among the LGBT community. That way, more people will hear about it and the number of users should increase over time.
Last but definitely not least, OneScene deserve a place on the top due to their efforts of promoting same-sex marriages on a global level – an example all of the LGBT sites around the world should follow!