As someone who identifies as a lesbian myself, it was a nice treat to be able to review a dating site for lesbian singles. I’m in a satisfied relationship with a wonderful partner myself, but I remember what it was like to be single and looking, and how frustrating it could be for a wallflower like me to even believe I could find someone for me.

And well, if that’s the situation you’re in right now, like I was just a few years ago, you could certainly do far worse than to try out Pink Cupid. This site is made specifically for women (and feminine nonbinary people, I hope) interested in other women (and/or feminine non-binary people), though you don’t have to specifically identify as a lesbian; the site is also friendly to bisexual and pansexual people who want to use the site to look for possible female matches.

Pink Cupid is a pretty standard-issue dating site when it comes down to it, but it’s specific focus on lesbian relationships is what makes it unique. No need to worry about being bothered by straight dudes who don’t bother to read your profile! This site is very much a girls only club (well, girls and nonbinary lesbians)

Membership Costs and Features

Pink Cupid has three ranks of membership, standard, gold, and platinum. The standard membership is free, the gold membership costs $24.98 USD per month if you buy one month, $16.66 per month if you pay for three months in advance (a total payment of $49.99), or $8.33 per month if you buy 12 months at once ($99.98 total). The platinum membership only costs a small amount more; $29.98 for one month, $20.00 per month for three months ($59.99 total), and $10.00 per month for 12 months (119.98 total).

For a standard free membership, you don’t actually get to do very much. You can browse singles, use the basic matching system, send interest, and you can communicate with paying members, but notably, not with other free members. This means your choices for who to talk to as a free member are somewhat limited, and if you take an interest in the profile of another free member, you’ll have to upgrade just to talk to them.

The gold membership allows you to do everything the standard membership has, as well as removing ads, allowing you to browse anonymously, send and receive members, use the live chat service, and, perhaps most importantly, communicate with all members, paying or not.

Finally, the platinum membership allows you everything from the standard and gold memberships, with the addition of a translation service for messages, advanced matching algorithms, VIP profile highlighting, double the writing space to talk about yourself in your profile, and some kind of exclusive search features, though I unfortunately can’t tell you what these advanced features are as I’m not going to pay for a platinum membership just to write this review.

Sign Up Process

I created a quick account to get a better look at the site for this review, and I must say, the sign up process is incredibly quick and easy. Naturally, it’ll take you a little while to fill out your full profile, but as for the initial sign-up, you’re in the site and able to browse others’ profiles in just a few minutes by giving your first name, email address, and picking a password.

Sign Up PinkCupid

Protect Your Privacy

The site only asks for your first name, and you could always use something other than your legal first name as a handle if you were worried about even that personal detail getting out. There is no other personally identifying information required that I could see. Just about every drop-down menu for the profile had a “prefer not to answer” option.

Unique Features

To be perfectly blunt, I can’t find any features that seem terribly “unique” compared to other dating sites. That’s not necessarily a problem, it just means they stick to a pretty standard model, with matching algorithms, profiles, messages, and etc like most dating sites.

  • Solid matching system. Minutes after I created my account, I already got an email from the site with several possible matches for me.
  • Huge amount of options and questions to answer for your profile.
  • You can specify your appearance, if you identify as femme/butch/etc, and more.
  • Seems trans-friendly and plenty of transgender lesbian singles can be found here.
  • No non-binary gender options, which seems like a glaring flaw for an LGBT dating site, especially when plenty of non-binary people identify as lesbian.
  • Frustratingly limited communication options with free membership.
  • No asexual options, or any separate options for sexual orientation and romantic orientation. Again, this is very disappointing for an LGBT dating site, as I’m sure there’s plenty of asexual lesbi-romantic singles who might love to use a site like this otherwise.

My Verdict

In spite of its flaws, I do think that Pink Cupid should make the top 10 LGBT dating sites, as it has solid matching algorithms, a huge amount of options and descriptors for your profile, and there seem to be plenty of beautiful singles using the site, so odds are you’ll find someone there who suits your fancy, be it for a long term relationship, short-term dating for fun, hookups, or even just a great friendship, just be honest on your profile about what it is you want to get out of Pink Cupid and I’m sure you’ll do just fine.