With dating apps, such as Grindr and scruff, some may wonder what is the point if any of buying a membership to an LGBTQ dating website? The easiest way to make the case is simple, it is an investment with other people seeking the same. By making the leap and getting a subscription on a paid dating service, you’re actually taking less risk and maximizing your time, money, and emotions because these sites are filled with people who are seeking the same thing you are and just like you they have invested their time and money into finding a relationship that works. As part of a consumer based society, we tend to be a bit frivolous about our spending habits, but investing a small amount of money in something like finding a relationship, could potentially lead to something most of us want, a serious relationship with meaning.

If you’re ready to make the commitment in starting lesbians relationship, buying a membership to a pay site may seem like the best option, one we highly recommend. Members of paid dating sites, are more committed in their search for love, as compared to those who use free site, as they tend to be more casual, flake out on meetings more often, or just aren’t honest about what they would like out of a relationship, commitment levels are vastly different for those with paid memberships verses those who are on free dating apps. When you think about it, does it really make sense to invest your time and energy into someone who isn’t even willing to buy a subscription to a dating site, it doesn’t sound like they’re very invested in finding love as much as casual encounters or just exploring their sexuality at the expense of your emotions (the price of a subscription can be as inexpensive as a Netflix account)? Don’t waste your time, your emotions, or energy on sites that aren’t filled with people who are just as invested in finding “the one,” or what ever your arrangement may be, when mutually agreed upon.

Sites like the ones we have reviewed one LGBTQdatingsite.com, have proven tract records and have features, services, and other amenities that free dating sites cannot offer, mostly due to the facts of how they operate!

1. Money = amenities

Free dating sites have limited resources, they primarily generate revenues from Ads! With pay sites, the money is invested in the site by the members, which leads to easier navigation of the sites. The collective investments are also used for advertising of their sites to attract more members (disclaimer, we are not being paid to write this blog). Among other things, the money used by the sites offer other services, which we will go into further detail later in the list!

2. Privacy

By choosing a paid dating service, you’ll receive a personal inbox, to which only you have access to. If and when you decide to disclose any personal information, it will be on your terms, but the sites do advise you to watch out for scams or giving out any banking, social security information. In addition to these privacy measures, a majority of these site won’t even allow people without memberships to view your profile or contact you in any form! Which after my experience, is a good aspect, as it is a common misconception that someone who is willing to use a pay site has money to just blow on the first thing that tickles their fancy, beware of things that sound too good to be true, as they usually are. These sites also suggest reporting activities such as this to their administrators as fraud.

3. Professional Coaching

In your search for your soul mate, if you’re newly single or just haven’t ever found the one, then most sites offer professional tips on how to create the perfect profile. By perfect profile, we don’t mean something that will just get you messages and more views, but on a deeper level show who you really are. Unlike no pay sites, members are looking for more than just your age, wages, and the 140 character description you can come up with (we all hate those “about me” sections). These paid memberships offer guides into what you should include in your profile, step by step, in most cases. They inquire into some of your most personal details and match you with like minded or compatible members who are just what you’re looking for!

4. Customer service

All paid dating sites have customer service! You’re not paying money to just have free range on a platform you may not be familiar with. Customer service can help you with even the simple of tasks, such as uploading photos, changing or modifying your service agreement, or more complex features that their site may offer. It is always a good idea to give the customer service line a ring when you’re interested in obtaining a membership, as they are professionals at their product and may help you get the most out of your experience on their site, some may even have deals on subscriptions or data that you may not find on a web search.

5. Exclusive social mixers

Some sites offer members local events held at bars, pubs, or convention centers. The purposes of these events are to provide a personal touch to the lost art of dating in person! Over the last decades, half of all relationships are started online. Yet the speed dating and mixers, are not as extinct as one may think, they have just evolved. When checking out membership dating sites, some offer annual or exotic events and they are definitely worth checking out!

6. You’ll spend less time in your search

Believe it or not, with all this professional help and with like minded individuals who are looking for the same thing you are, it will take less time for you to find your match. It could take dozens of fruitless dates and years on those free dating apps to find someone remotely worth your time, or even worse your biological clock may just seem like you have to settle on someone you may not even really want to be with!